What is a music stream? Artists and labels in battle over digital income

What is a music stream? Artists and labels in struggle over digital earnings

Dispute crazes over exactly how royalties need to be divided in the age of Spotify, Google and AppleUK artists, managers and employees have required streaming earnings to be split 50/50 between tags and artists. The demand was made in a joint submission to the European Compensations appointment on copyright, through the freshly developed coalition AMP. Continue reading …See all tales on this subject

Australian indie: from a Melbourne garage to the globe

Two men on opposite sides of the Atlantic are so consumed with Australian indie music that they launch the records, spend for bands like Scott & Charlenes Wedding event to fly over and tour or even put them up in their housesIn London its an office of 10; in Memphis its one men house. Fulfill two extremely unlikely outstations bringing Australian songs overseas: British label Fire documents and United States distributor/microlabel Easter Bilby. Run by James Nicholls and Bruce Saltmarsh respectively, the two play a key function in making sure people in various other continents could buy well-known documents by reasonably unknown bands like Brisbanes Blank World and Melbournes Lower Plenty and theyre in the center of a significant boom in Aussie music. Many thanks partially to the increase of Melbourne garage team Eddy Current Reductions Ring last decade, Do It Yourself Australian bands are now an object of attraction and fandom throughout the world. These aren’t your Grammy-level Tame Impalas or Gotyes, however bands that have enough followers overseas to make releasing albums and exploring there valuable. Bands that play taste-making festivals like Gonerfest in Memphis and score beautiful continue influential blogs like New Yorks Raven Sings the Blues. Continue reading …See all stories on this subject

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